Anxy No. 1: The Anger Issue

We all know anger, but it presents itself in unique ways.

Maybe it begins as a nagging irritation and develops into a Hulk-like rage; or perhaps it just eats away at you slowly. We wanted to bring the ever-present, shape-shifting nature of anger to the pages of Anxy. And so this issue is packed with personal stories, candid interviews, stunning photography, poems, and more.
 Here are some of the highlights.


One-on-one conversations with creative people about mental health



Margaret Atwood
“It’s happened and un-happened many times in history.”


Brian Frank on Prison Life
“They threw the book at me. As soon as I walked in the room I was guilty. Didn’t have a chance.”


A collection of reflective, intimate essays



 Ijeoma Oluo on Stereotypes 
“There is a lot to be angry about in this world, but you wouldn’t know that on the surface, because we are told the opposite. We are told to not be angry about the exploitation of labor, the inequalities in our system, the brutality of capitalism, the subjugation of women and POC, the erasure of the disabled, the destruction of our environment…”


  May Wilkerson on Gaslighting
“I told a guy I was dating I didn’t want him to drive me home because he’d been drinking.  He said, ‘Are you insane? I’ve had three beers.’ Not only did I let him drive me home, I apologized for questioning his sobriety. He made fun of me for days.”


Quentin Vennie on Growing up Tough
“The adrenaline rush of anger soon become my crutch. Shedding my vulnerability
turned me into a darker, more aggressive person.”



Incisive, thoughtful reporting that gets to the core of the issues  



Lorena Rios
“Anger emerges everywhere in Turkey. It's in conversations, and in fights that break out in the street. It's there when people turn each other into the police, or harass those they deem different.”


Compelling photo essays and illustration that give anger an artful lens



Melissa Spitz
The St Louis-based photographer's haunting, intimate document of what it's
like to grow up with a mentally ill, substance-abusing mother.


Matt Eich
Why an award-winning photographer turned his camera from documenting America to looking at his own family—and how he coped.


Anxy's readers chime in  



Sharing the words we use to describe moments of
torment and uncertainty.


True stories from workers who spend their days on the front lines of frustration.

Anxy No.1: 144 pages of beautiful, thoughtful, and thought-provoking storytelling that you won't want to miss.