Anxy No. 3: The Boundaries Issue

How do our inner worlds define the lines we draw and the space we create?

Boundaries shape the way we live, love and work—but what do our boundaries say about who we are underneath? Our third issue looks at personal space from the inside out through intimate essays, revealing reported features, insightful interviews, gorgeous photography and more.

Here are some of the highlights.

anxy magazine boundaries issue cover


One-on-one conversations with creative people about mental health



Open Mike Eagle on Genre-Hopping
“I live in this constant anxious thought that everything is going to be taken away from me.”

 Anxy Magazine Open Mike Eagle Interview


Fabiola Jean-Louis on History
“I’m thinking about a scenario where life is respected. Where there is no slavery, there is no injustice, there’s none of these things that have happened to us.”

Anxy Magazine Fabiola Jean-Louis Interview


A collection of reflective, intimate essays


Samantha Irby on Anxiety
“Hello 911? I’ve barricaded myself in the bedroom because the cleaning service came before I could think of a reason I needed to leave the house for an hour and forty-five minutes.”

 anxy magazine samantha irby essay


Dayna Evans on Silence
“In choosing to share these secrets, my mother crossed another boundary, exposing private family matters to people who felt obligated to plead ignorance.”

 anxy magazine dayna evans essay


Odalis García on Family
“By sticking together the way we did, we carried with us the Cuba my family was forced to leave behind. If we were together, then nothing could tear us apart.”

 Anxy Magazine Odalis Garcia Essay


Alana Hope Levinson on Broken Homes
“I didn't think any sane person would want to live next to their ex.”

anxy magazine alana hope levinson essay 



Incisive, thoughtful reporting that gets to the core of the issues  



Eric Reidy
“The government even refused to refer to people fleeing the Syrian war as 'refugees,' opting instead for euphemistic 'displaced people'—blurring the legal boundaries around their obligations.”

 anxy magazine eric reidy dispatch


Floricel Liborio Ramos
“I don’t know where they had been hiding, but suddenly there were seven ICE officers, all in uniform.”

Anxy Magazine ICE detention dispatch


Compelling photo essays and illustration that bring boundaries to life



Paola de Grenet
“A neurologist once told us he was fascinated that she ‘presents as normal.’ So very close to what we all pass for, but in the end, her brain creates a boundary she cannot cross, a line that forks the path to the future.”

Anxy Magazine Paola de Grenet photo essay


Jessica Chou
“For the younger generation, Paris By Night provides a sense of their history and the world their parents grew up in, even if some of the flashy costumes and Liberace-styled acts are occasionally met with an eye-roll.”

Anxy Magazine Jessica Chou photo essay


Gary Moskowitz
When I was a kid I was scared of barbers so my mom cut my hair. As I got older, I realized that barbers could actually be hair therapists. But they could also make things So. Much. Worse.”

Anxy Magazine Gary Moskowtiz comic


Franziska Wittlede and Amazon Turk Workers
What happens when you ask random strangers to draw their boundaries?

 Anxy Magazine Amazon Turk Workers


Anxy No. 3: 188 pages of captivating, meticulously-crafted storytelling that will change your perspective.

Table of Contents

Please Stop Telling Me to Leave My Comfort Zone
Words by Melody Wilding
Collage Art by cut.tear

Panic! Danger! Doom!
Words by Samantha Irby
Collage Art
by Anthony Zinonos

A House Divided
Words by Alana Hope Levinson
Artwork by Heath West

Communication Breakdown
Words by Ilana Masad
Collage Art by Najeebah Al-Ghadban

Crossing the Line
Words by Lily Sloane
Illustration by Chris Burnett

Know Your Limits
Illustrations by Mike McKenney

When Physical Boundaries Get Emotional
Words by Annie Lloyd
Collage Art by Hagar Vardimon

This Is What It’s Like When ICE Detains You
Words by Floricel Liborio Ramos, as told to Bobbie Johnson Translation by Andrea Valencia
Artwork by Miguel Arzabe

What Our Mothers Don’t Share
Words by Dayna Evans
Illustrations by Maria Medem

The Proximity Effect
Words by Odalis García
Illustrations by Daiana Ruiz

Open Mike Eagle Can’t Stop Breaking Boundaries
Words by Bijan Stephen
Photographs by Kendrick Brinson

I Want My Work to Exist in the Memories of People
Words by Maaza Mengiste
Photographs by Aundre Larrow

No Safe Havens
Words by Eric Reidy
Photographs by Diego Ibarra Sánchez

From California to Saigon
Words and Photographs by Jessica Chou

Presents as Normal
Words by M’s mother
Photographs by Paola de Grenet

Reasonable Restrictions
Words and Photographs by Marylise Vigneau

Homelessness and First Times
Poem by Ephraim Nehemiah

Crowd Control
Words by Franziska Wittleder
Illustrations by Amazon Mechanical Turk Workers

The Survival Kit
Words by Natalie Harvey
Illustration by Ruohan Wang

The Barber Shop
Words by Gary Moskowitz
Illustrations by Michelle Mildenberg

Hippocampus, Their Idea of Yours
Poem by Genevieve Ing

Lost in (Personal) Space
Quiz by Alex Marsh

Shelf Life
Words by Lily Sloane, Eric Reidy, Samantha Irby, Bobbie Johnson and Rahawa Haile

Mental Health Resources
Places to go for help

Anxy in the World
What we’ve been up to recently, and a peek at our online shop