Anxy No. 4: The Masculinity Issue

What does it mean to be masculine?

How does masculinity influence our sense of self and the culture around us?

Masculinity isn’t just about men. Masculinity is about everyone—our power, our vulnerability, our self-expression, and our state of mind. Our fourth issue explores the spectrum of masculinity through intimate essays, reported features, insightful interviews, gorgeous photography and more.

Here are some of the highlights.


One-on-one conversations with creative people about mental health



Terry Crews
“If you only hear one story, you stay with one perspective. If you control the narrative, you control the people.”


Karamo Brown
“If you ask somebody how they’re doing and their answer is ‘fine,’ there’s something deeper there.”


A collection of reflective, intimate essays


Josh Schollmeyer on eating your feelings
“I can’t say that I enjoy it—or that any of it tastes particularly good—but it’s among the moments I most look forward to every week.”



Alexis Madrigal on male self image
“The trouble is that falling short of the ideal, as all men must as they get older, can cause the kind of mental health issues that have plagued women for decades.”



Katie MacBride on considering masculinity 
“My resistance and anger grew through one disappointment and dismissal after another, both personally and in the world at large.”




Incisive, thoughtful reporting that gets to the core of the issues  



Elisabeth Sherman on chef culture
“For women, cooking was a duty. Men often saw it as a hobby, a sport, another realm to conquer. And when men made cooking a business, they seemed to decide their kitchens would be superior to those their mothers worked in.”



Anxy+MEL Trajectories
A long-term collaboration between Anxy and MEL Magazine that shares men’s real lives, and real struggles, as they happen.


Compelling photo essays and illustration that bring boundaries to life



Justin J Wee
Justin J Wee's portraits of gender non-conforming people show how broad the definitions of masculinity can be.


Stacy Kranitz
“Whether they know it or not, boys come here to become men. It’s a place where they can experiment and try on different emotions and behaviors that they’ve repressed until now.”


Deshun Smith
“The Ever Forward Club was created to give young men a place to talk about anything that’s going on in their personal life, whenever they feel they don’t necessarily have anybody to talk to.”


Anxy No. 4: Captivating, meticulously-crafted storytelling that will change your perspective.

Table of Contents

What Masculinity Means
Young writers of
826 Valencia

Real Men Don't Cry
Words by Tom Mitchell
Illustration by Dadu Shin

Over the Lines
A conversation between Erica Duke and Carly Smolak
Illustration by George Morton

A Timeline of Testosterone
Timeline by Zoé Samudzi and John M. Hoberman
Illustrations by Lennard Kok

Give Us a Smile
Words by Charlie Kiss
Illustration by Xavier Schipani

A Most Peculiar Way
Words by Thor Benson
Illustration by Petra Eriksson

Scary Times for Men
Words by Katie MacBride
Illustration by Ana Kova

MEL Trajectories
As told to C. Brian Smith, Eddie Kim, and Hussein Kesvani
Illustrations by Monica Garwood and Jun Cen

The Monster of Machismo
Words by Verónica A. Lira Ortiz
Illustrations by Malena Guerrero

Eating My Feelings
Words by Josh Schollmeyer
Illustrations by Jee ook Choi

Instagram Man
Words by Alexis Madrigal
Illustrations by Kelly Bjork

I'm Not Afraid of the Word 'No'
Words by Johnetta Elzie
Photographs by Aundre Larrow

The Locked Box
Words by Michael C. Reichert
Illustrations by Bryce Wymer

Too Many Cooks
Words by Elisabeth Sherman
Illustrations by Maria Giemza

Terry Crews Wants To Know What You Are Going To Do
Words by Carvell Wallace
Photographs by Bethany Mollenkof

No One Way
Words by Alok, Grey, Charlene, Yen, Aki, Imma, Edua, K. James, Hawwaa, Morgan, Renee, Luca, and Kris, as told to Justin J Wee
Photographs by Justin J Wee

Rage, Rinse, Repeat
Words and Photographs by Stacy Kranitz

Criminal Acts
Words and Photographs by Clara Vannucci

Not All Men
Words by Samantha Smithstein PsyD
Illustrations by Cristina Daura

Removing the Mask of Masculinity
Words by Deshun Smith
Illustrations by María Medem

Hide & Seek
Words by Ernest Egher
Illustration by Thomas Hedger

The Survival Kit
Words by Natalie Harvey
Illustration by Najeebah Al-Ghadban

Reinvent What's Possible
Words by Marcus Williams, as told to Pendarvis Harshaw
Illustrations by Tania Guerra

Words by Pendarvis Harshaw

Shelf Life
Words by Tom Mitchell, Bobbie Johnson, Alexis Madrigal, Katie MacBride

Anxy in the World
What we’ve been up to recently, and a peek at our online shop

Mental Health Resources
Places to go for help